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  An increasing number of record offices provide online catalogues to their archived documents within their web sites. They typically allow their catalogue databases to be keyword searched as well as searched on document title, date, period and/or place.
  National Archives Discovery Catalogue
  The National Archives maintain an online catalogue to a substantial proportion of archive collections held in record offices and other repositories. Called Discovery, this nationally coordinated online catalogue currently contains more than 32 million descriptions of records held by the National Archives and more than 2,500 archives across England and Wales. Over 9 million records are available for download. Its search facility provides for keyword searches optionally restricted to a region or a specific repository and/or period. This vast online catalogue also provides for searches on specific surnames and places. Alternatively you can use this national online catalogue to obtain a list of archived collections (complete with reference numbers) for individual record offices - use the Find an Archive search facility at the bottom of the Discovery home page
  Archives Network Wales
  The Archives Network Wales web site contains descriptions of the extent, type and scope of collections of documents held by record offices and other repositories in Wales. Generally speaking, these online descriptions are more extensive than the corresponding ones in the Access to Archives catalogue and cover context, access/reproduction conditions and archival history as well as content.This national online catalogue is well worth checking out if the information you are seeking is located in Wales.
This page last updated: 28 August 2014